Compton Shop

Toy Planes

Diecast, fighter jets, wooden and tin - we have lots of lovely toy planes, perfect for the little ones!

Myro Books

Myro, the smallest plane in the world is a series of six children's stories (with audio CD) for boys and girls aged 3-8 years.

Compton Souvenirs

Magnets, mugs, keys rings, pens and stickers to remember your visit to the airfield.

Inflatable Planes

Blow up Spitfire and Red Arrow planes, a great stocking filler.


Made by the Compton bees and absolutely delicious!


We have a range of clothing available for ladies, men and children. T-shirts, fleeces and caps all available in a variety of sizes.

Trial Flight Guide

This gives a great insight into the basics of flying before taking to the skies. Perfect accompaniment to an Experience Flight Voucher.

Pilot Key rings

Remove before flight and Pilot key rings from the flight equipment supplier, Pooleys.

Paper Plane Books

Includes 10 designs and 40 sheets of patterned paper to build the best 10 paper planes ever.

Biggles Bears

These are a great addition to anyone's Teddy Bear collection! Available in small, large or as a key ring.