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There is always plenty going at Compton when the weather is good - even if there is no event planned. Admission is free to everyone, everyday! Please get in touch if you would like to hold an event with us, or arrange a 'Fly-In'. We often have weather back up days so keep an eye on here for updated dates. 

SkyDemon Tips & Tricks Evening
Thursday 28th March 2019 at 6.00 pm

SkyDemon will be hosting a tips & tricks presentation at the Clubhouse on Thursday 28th March, starting at 6pm. The session will be given by SkyDemon's Marketing Development Coordinator, Rob Hart. Rob has over 8yrs experience with the team and will show you how to get the most out of your package. 

This is perfect if you are already a SkyDemon user and looking to get more out of your subscription, or if you are new and still learning your way around. The presentation will cover the basics through to the advanced features. WiFi is available throughout the session, so please bring your tablet/phone and follow Rob!

This will be a popular one, so booking is essential on

NATS Solent Radar Evening
Thursday 25th April 2019 at 7.00 pm

We are very fortunate to have Ross Macdonald, General Manager (Air Traffic Services) Southampton, visiting us on the evening of 25th April.

Ross and his team will be giving a presentation that will first cover an introduction to ATC and Solent Radar, what they do, and where they do it. Secondly, the team will talk about infringements: statistics, impacts and how to mitigate them.

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions on the night. This will be a very popular evening so prior booking is essential through please. 

Late Fly Day
Friday 26th April 2019 at 5.00 pm

Unwind with a ‘last Friday of the Month’ sunset flight, a curry and good company. Comptons famous curry will be served from 1800 til 2000.

Available to all fly in visitors. Please advise Ops of your intentions by lunchtime on the day, to PPR and book food.

Vintage Piper Aircraft Club (VPAC) Fly-In
Saturday 11th May 2019

VPAC is the supporting body for all owners, pilots and enthusiasts of vintage Piper aircraft. We are delighted to be hosting their return fly in to Compton on Saturday 11th May 2019, ahead of our own Vintage Day on 12th May.

A great deal of work goes into restoring and maintaining these beautiful aircraft so please do come along and enjoy the sight of these vintage aircraft and their enthusiastic crews. 

Compton's Vintage Day
Sunday 12th May 2019

Following on from our successful ‘Vintage’ Day at Compton in 2018, we’ll be making this one bigger and better. All our fleet will be available for Experience flights throughout the day subject to availability, we’ll have a WW2 themed menu, and lots of interesting aircraft visiting us as well as a selection of vintage cars and bikes. 

Pilots: All aircraft are welcome but Vintage (pre-1970’s) will have free landings!

Update! The Vintage Piper Aircraft Club will be holding their fly in on 11th May and staying over for the Compton Vintage Day, so bring your cameras!

Saturday 18th May 2019

TOPNAV is a visual navigation competition for private pilots, organised by the Royal Institute of Navigation’s (RIN) General Aviation Navigation Group (GANG), and held every year in May. This year Compton Abbas is one of the airfields that will be participating on Saturday 18th May and we have lots of crews registered for the event. 

If you are a pilot and would like to participate, then please email Compton Ops at

Wing Walking at Compton
Friday 17th May 2019 - Sunday 19th May 2019

Why not come along to the Club and support the brave souls who strap themselves to the wing of a vintage biplane, often for charity, sometimes for a special occasion, but always for fun!

Compton will be hosting a series of Wing Walking weekends, our first being over the weekend of 17th,18th &19th May 2019. If you are not quite brave enough to participate, then please do come along anyway as this is always a spectacular event to watch from the comfort of the patio. 

Full details on how to book a place with the Wing Walk Company are on our website. 

Wing Walking at Compton
Friday 31st May 2019 - Sunday 2nd June 2019

Come to Compton and see our second wing walking event over the weekend of 31st May, 1st & 2nd June 2019. If you are not quite brave enough to participate, then please do come along anyway as this is always a spectacular event to watch from the comfort of the patio. 
Full details on how to book a place with the Wing Walk Company are on our website. 

British Aerobatics UK
Friday 7th June 2019 - Saturday 8th June 2019

We will be hosting the British Aerobatics UK event at Compton Abbas again this year, 7th and 8th June.

Last year we enjoyed two glorious days of sunshine so fingers crossed for a repeat this year. This is a spectacular event to sit and watch from the Club patio, so make sure you put it in your diary. We will also be running a normal flying program over these days so, weather permitting, there should be plenty of flying to enjoy whilst also sampling the delights of the famous Compton restaurant. 

Late Fly Day
Friday 28th June 2019 at 5.00 pm

With Summer in full swing enjoy a late evening of flying at Compton. Fly in to see us until 9pm and if that isn't enough the cafe will provide the perfect curry to round off your week. After your flight you can also enjoy our new range of drinks, at the bar.

Phone Ops by midday to PPR and book a curry.

Wing Walking at Compton
Saturday 29th June 2019 - Sunday 30th June 2019

Why not come up to the club and watch some more brave souls strapped on a vintage biplane and fly across the sky, some in aid of charity and others just to test themselves. It is a spectular site from out patio while having some lunch and drinks.
If you feel like you could do then why not book and have some fun.
Full details on how to book a place with the Wing Walk Company are on our website. 

Aeronca Club Fly In
Saturday 6th July 2019

We are delighted to welcome the Aeronca Flying Club to Compton for their 2019 Fly In. If you are an Aeronca owner, then please contact your club for details regarding the Fly In. If you are an aviation enthusiast, or simply like watching aircraft, then why not drop in to the airfield for the day and enjoy watching these aircraft on the ground and in the air. 

We will also be operating a normal flying day and our Heritage flight aircraft will no doubt be in full flow, so it should prove to be a perfect day to sit and enjoy our wonderful restaurant food on the Compton patio, watching aircraft come and go. 

Remember! we also operate experience flights (see website or ring the Club) so why not get airborne yourself for the day. 



Late Fly Day
Friday 26th July 2019 at 5.00 pm

Come along and enjoy a late night fly in until 9pm, topped off with a Compton Curry. 

Please contact Ops by noon on the day to PPR and ensure a curry order. 

RV Fly In
Saturday 27th July 2019

We will be welcoming the RV Club to Compton on 27th July. If you are an RV owner please contact the Club for further details. Otherwise, if you enjoy watching aircraft why not come along to the Club and enjoy the sight of these lovely aircraft operating in the air and on the ground. 

We will be operating a full flying program on the day, including our own heritage aircraft, so it should prove for a wonderful sight whilst you can also enjoy the culinary delights of the renowned Compton restaurant. 

Wing Walking at Compton
Friday 2nd August 2019 - Sunday 4th August 2019

Another chance to see the brave folk strap themselves to the wing of a biplane for charity, fun or some other special occasion. If you are interested in participating then please contact the Wing Walk Company direct (details on our website). This is always a fantastic sight to enjoy from the comfort of our restaurant or patio, so we look forward to welcoming you to the Club. 

We will also be operating a normal full flying program throughout the weekend so if you enjoy watching aircraft, or would like to take one of our experience flights yourself then either book on our website or give Ops a ring. 

Late Day Flying
Friday 30th August 2019

Summer almost over, why not take advantage of the late sunset while it lasts and enjoy our last late flying day. 

Enjoy a Compton Curry if you get your PPR and order in with Ops before noon on the day. 

Wing Walking at Compton
Friday 13th September 2019 - Sunday 15th September 2019

A chance to enjoy watching the last Wing Walking event at Compton in 2019. Why not come and cheer on the intrepid walkers as they stand astride the biplane for charity, fun or a special occasion. 

Always a really exciting event to witness from the patio, come and enjoy great food and watch the flying. If you fancy a go yourself, then please contact the Wing Walk Company (details on our website). 

Pooley's Day
Sunday 22nd September 2019

Always one of our busiest and most popular days at the airfield.

Compton and Pooleys go back a good 25 years and the airfield is one of the original ‘partners’ with the popular aviation equipment supplier. It’s a great day for members of the public to come up and spectate with over 120 aircraft booked to fly in. 

Pilots: you will need to PPR with Pooleys ahead of the event please. 

Christmas Fly In
Saturday 7th December 2019

Our last Fly In for 2019, so lets make it a great one as we enjoy the Christmas period festivities. 

We will have a range of festive goodies on the menu too; mulled wine on tap, lovely handmade treats from our local cake supplier, cinnamon coffees, and a lot more. 

We would love to see our members and our flying visitors partake in the spirit of the event. If you arrive as Father Christmas, an Angel, Elf or even better a Christmas Pudding we will in return provide you with a free landing fee. For those of you who come up on the day, whether student, solo hire or aircraft owner, there will be a prize for the best Christmas fancy dress. Compton Ops will be sure to be worse dressed with the fancy dress box already out the loft. 

New Years Day Fly In
Tuesday 1st January 2019 at 9.30 am

With Christmas behind us, what better way to start 2019 than to visit the airfield for our first event, the New Years Day Fly In. Weather permitting, this is a popular event and aircraft normally travel from far and wide to visit us. 

With free landings to all aircraft we'll have a selection of winter warmers on the menu for you too (and some salads for those of you that need to watch your weight and balance calculations). Don't forget that our Channel changes to 122.710 on this day.

Its free entry as always for those of you who come up by road. Everyone is welcome - and if its nice sunny weather there should be lots of flying activity to view! 

GASCo Flight Safety Evening
Wednesday 16th January 2019 at 7.00 pm

We have booked a GASCO Flight Safety Evening for Wednesday 16th January 2019. 

Always a well attended evening, starting with some food at 7pm before the presentation at 7.30pm This evening is very informative and of great benefit to both our qualified and student members, so please come along.

Having attended the evening, you will also get the CAA Flight Safety Stamp in your log book to show you are an all round good egg and conscientious pilot.

Just rsvp to

TopNav Talk
Friday 22nd February 2019 at 6.30 pm

Many solo and student pilots from Compton Abbas will be participating in the Royal Institute of Navigation TopNav event this year (see18 May event). John Cairns will be visiting the club and giving a presentation concerning the event on the evening of Friday 22nd February. 

This talk free and is open to all, but it is especially relevant if you are taking part in TopNav, or thinking of taking part in the event. 

Please contact Compton to register your attendance. Thanks



GASCo Safety Evening

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