The Fleet

Boeing Stearman

This iconic 1940 Boeing Stearman was used in its primary years as a Military Trainer in the US Navy. With top speeds of up to 220km/h this striking aircraft with its blue and yellow colour scheme is a delight to fly. Operated by DH Heritage Aviation who are based at Compton Abbas Airfield.

Harvard Warbird

Our stunning Harvard was brought over from Europe in the summer of 2015. One of the best of its type in the world we offer experiences and dual flying - including aerobatics. The next best thing to flying a Spitfire.

Piper Warrior

We operate 4 Piper Warriors giving you good availability for both solo hire and dual instruction. They are great for taking away for the day and taking friends and family up for a flight. Two are equipped with Garmin 430's.

Ikarus C42

We use the aircraft to train those looking to gain their NPPL(M) and offer it for solo hire. With great short field take off distances the range of aerodromes you can visit is broad, and the high wing configuration gives you stunning visibility in the cruise. An advanced microlight that benefits from a simple cockpit layout.

deHavilland Chipmunk

Our beautiful Chipmunk arrived with us at the start of summer 2017 and is available for everything from tailwheel training to aerobatics and full private pilot licence training. Its also available for experience flights and one of flights if you just fancy something different.


Christmas at Compton

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