Solo Hire/Self Fly at Compton

Enjoy flying from one of the most beautiful airfields in England at very competitive prices – click here to see our current rates, and have a look at the menu on the left for our fleet. 

'Frequent Flyer Discount'
If you fly with us for one hour or more once a month you'll be treated to a discounted flying rate - with no extra membership rates to pay. And you can do as many landings here as you want - for free. 

Fly with friends and family
Compton is the ideal airfield to fly from with passengers. The vibrant runway terrace and popular café provides an entertaining backdrop - and really adds to their flying experience with you. 

The local area
No controlled airspace, a relaxed air/ground radio, and an area of outstanding natural beauty. Hassle-free flying with no delays in getting airborne - so you are confident in the knowledge that we'll have an aircraft ready for you at the time you booked it.  

Please call or email us for further information - we look forward to seeing you soon.