Open Cockpit Biplane Experience

1940s Boeing Stearman
This iconic 1940 Boeing Stearman was used in its primary years as a Military Trainer in the US Navy. With top speeds of up to 220km/h this striking aircraft with its blue and yellow colour scheme is a delight to fly. Operated by DH Heritage Aviation who are based at Compton Abbas Airfield.

Stearman 20 minute flight £198.00

Enjoy flying the Stearman over the beautiful local landscape.

Stearman 30 minute flight £274.00

Enjoy more time at the controls under the guidance of your experienced pilot.

Stearman 45 minute flight £350.00

This extended flight will allow you to fly to the coast affording beautiful views.

Stearman 60 minute flight £449.00

Fly alongside the cliffs of the Jurassic Coast in an open cockpit aircraft.

  What does the experience involve?
Start your day with an introduction to the ground crew and your pilot, in our Vintage Flight Room, all of whom are hugely experienced and passionate about what they do. You'll get kitted out in a military issued flight suit (a good opportunity for photos!) and have a briefing which will include safety, the workings of the aircraft, and where you would like to fly. Once you have elegantly leaped in to the aircraft, your pilot will start the aircraft, quite a noisy spectacle! After taxiing down to the threshold of the runway, you'll line up, and feel the full grunt of this powerful aircraft on a roaring take off. We film every flight so you will have the option to purchase a lifelong memory of this lifetime experience to share with family and friends. You'll receive a certificate on touchdown as more evidence that you have taken to the skies!
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Because we own and operate the whole airfield here at Compton - we can offer you the best prices in the South of England. Why not make a day of it and book a table for lunch or afternoon tea? Uniquely, friends and family can join in the whole experience, from listening in on the briefing to watching the take off and landing from the runway terrace. Just call us if you have any requests and we'll tailor make the day for you. We also have a great selection of gifts in our on-site shop from cufflinks to vintage key rings and "Biggles Bears" that you can purchase in advance or on the day you book the flight. 
Boeing Stearman G-AZLE
Year Built: 1940
The stats: Continental Motors 220hp radial
Used for: Initial military training in the US Army, prior to flying the Harvard.

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