Meet the Team

Emma French

Emma is a director and the operations manager. She gained her PPL in 2011 and is the person to chat to if you are thinking of joining the club.

Laura Hughes

Laura is a director and the café manager - keeping all our visitors well-fed and watered! She also arranges our popular club members events.

Clive Hughes

One day in 1987 Clive decided to leave the comforts of Heathrow with Margaret and buy an airfield in Dorset. Seems to be working out fairly well at the moment…

Margaret Hughes

The original ‘Compton Girl’ Margaret is responsible for the restaurant being the busy place that it is! She is the managing director and Mum to all staff.

Andrew Dixon

Andrew is a man of many hours including more than 15,000 tailwheel. He is our Head of Training and co-owner of DH Heritage Flights which runs our vintage flights.

Dave Farrow

Dave is an ex-BA Captain and is now passing his knowledge onto our students! A ground examiner he also features regularly at our club nights…

John Keep

John Keep keeps us in check with military precision being an ex-army Major. John flies Experience Flights on the club's lively, great visibility high-wing Ikarus C42.

The Restaurant Team

Compton is known for having the top airfield restaurant & cafe in the UK. This is partly due to our fantastic restaurant team - always happy to serve!

Steve Webb

Our instructor/examiner, Steve has a commercial background and a keen interest in weather makes him our go-to guy for a forecast. Here Thursdays - Sundays he can answer all your CAA questions with charm and good humour...

Peter Upshall

Peter has been a Club member and great supporter of our events since 2004. He began his flying career at Compton learning to fly in microlights and is now a valued instructor for us on the C42.

Bob Kinch

Bob has his own Chipmunk aircraft hangared at Compton. When he's not helping out with DH Heritage, you will often see him taking photos, sketching portraits or eating Compton cake!

Gordon Williamson

Gordon has been flying for many years and owns the Stinson Gullwing based here. Classic motorcycles and vintage aircraft are a major part of daily life - flying the Harvard, Stearman & Chipmunk for DH is a bonus!

Graham Newby

Knowledgeable in EASA licensing, a director of the LAA and having built several RV aircraft, Graham is a mine of information. He has relocated from Bodmin to Compton and is an Ops legend now.

Janice Thorgilson

Janice was winner of the Amy Johnson Award in her late twenties and trained as an instructor at Compton Abbas so she knows the demands of our beloved grass runway very well. She's also pretty good on the violin!

Harry Miller

Harry is our youngest instructor who wowed us with his flying skills for his tryout. He enjoys flying the vintage Stearman & Chipmunk at weekends & also holds a Commercial Pilot's licence. And he's a keen rugby player.

David Wood

David learned to fly at Compton Abbas on an RAF Flying Scholarship. After 20 years in the Army and a similar time in business, he commutes to work in his Tiger Moth and was Head of Training and CFI at Old Sarum