What to expect from your Experience Flight

​Once you have called us on the morning of the flight to check on the weather, and we’ve given you the go ahead, you’ll arrive with us about 15 minutes before your booking time.
You will fill out a couple of temporary membership forms before we introduce you to your professional flight instructor. He will ask you about where you want to go during your flight – you might want to fly over your house or a particular area – and you’ll decide together the route you’ll take. You will then have a safety briefing and an introduction to the controls and systems of the aircraft.
The instructor will carry out the take off and landing, but you can be at the controls as much as you want during the flight, under his guidance. You will then enjoy the breathtaking experience of flying a light aircraft - and all over our beautiful surrounding countryside at 2000 feet!
On touch down you’ll be presented with a certificate as a memento – and also to officially record your time in the air if you wish to carry on and get your pilots licence. Our café/restaurant is then the perfect place to unwind and recount your flying stories – hopefully the first of many! You can call us to book a table if you would like to have lunch. Coffee, afternoon tea, or perhaps a glass of bubbly is also available.

Experience Flight Add-ons

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